About Us

This Blancavite domain is dedicated to the blog, news, curiosities, knowledge of everything related to the world of Italian food. A portal ready to give you what you need to know a reality so vast and rich in culture and tradition.

Here you can also orient yourself in the knowledge of our company, which will soon be available online and ready to provide you with everything you need in the kitchen, to help you and facilitate you in the process of shopping.

Coming soon!

In fact, Blancavite was born as an e-commerce and marketplace in which only the highest quality Italian food products are traded, accompanied by an excellent service, aimed at satisfying all the needs and desires of those who purchase through our platform.

Our customers are admirers and connoisseurs of Made in Italy, but also those who for the first time want to indulge in the products of our land, in a reliable and innovative platform.

In fact, we are here to always guarantee the best quality and a completely new and reliable method where you can make your purchases with a breathtaking customer experience.

Our mission aims at a radical change in the way of shopping online. We want to make a contribution to the globalization and digitalization of made in Italy, exclusively through small and medium-sized Italian companies.

We believe in the beauty of our culture and in the genius of our entrepreneurs, and we intend to revolutionize Italian entrepreneurship, made up of values ​​and tradition, completely projecting it into the new 4.0 industry.